Meet the Bookstagrammer:@wannabefiction

  • How did you start bookstagram? It was the reason you made your account or not?

I’ve always loved books & I fell in love with city of bones & the photos posted by ohthebookfeels and wanted to start my own and 3 years later I did haha
  • How did you come up with your bookstagram name?

I wanted it to be catchy well it just came to me I guess
  • How did you cοme up with your first theme?It was a spesific theme or just photos and why?

Mmmm I used fairylights because I love fairylights and it looks so magical!
  • What or who inspires you?  

    Lily Collins inspires me because her positive outlook on life really makes me smile :)                 
  • Which is the reason you have been part of this community?

Because the people are wonderful just like the books we love!
  • Do you want to be a "big" account or "small" and why? Does the followers count to you?

I just want to be on bookstagram, making friends. Followers doesn’t count, because when I was a small account i felt a lot more close to everyone and now I’m a big one it’s hard to still have that engagement with everyone but I do try my best!
  • Do you interact with your followers and have you made friends? If so do you like this and why?

  • Why do you love books? What do they mean to you?

The stories, the characters, the universes... I’d be lost without books! They are my escapes.
  • Which is your favorite book and why?

Six of crows, because of how magical, vicious but shows you what friendship and family is.
  • Tell me two bookish fun facts about you!

I ruin every book I own, I always looks at Pinterest fan art of the book I’ve just read.
  • Which is you favorite photo of your feed? (Upload it)

  • Tell me your biggest dream of being a part of bookstagram? Which the most exciting thing you wanna do/be?

I want to be able to one day share my writing with the whole of bookstagram one day :)
  • Do you spend more money for your bookstagram or not? Do you think it worths?

Ha I mean I spend a lot of money on books so yeah :’) ofc it’s worth it because BOOKS!
  • Have you ever thought of giving up and why?

Nope and never.
  • Have you received negative comments/messages about you or your feed and how do you act?

Yes but you’ve just got to ignore those who say nasty things because in life people will always say things, but we are better than them!
  • Lastly, what would you advice someone who starts bookstagram?

Don’t stress about a theme! Just post whatever you love! <3 font="">

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