Meet the Bookstagrammer: @zeilen_herz

The first bookstagrammer is my first booksta bestie and a sweet person. She is from Germany and she is so talented!

  • How did you start bookstagram? It was the reason you made your account or not?
I started Bookstagram because I wanted to have an IG account, besides my private one, so I thought about what it could be. I searched for bookstagram accounts and when I saw them, it was clear for me that I wanted to have one myself.
  • How did you come up with your bookstagram name?
I changed it two times, so this one is my third one😅 I don't know how I came up with it but I just love the meaning behind it!
  • How did you cοme up with your first theme?It was a spesific theme or just photos and why?
My first photos are so awful (you can still see them because I want everybody to see how much photos can change within the years) but at the beginning I just took a photo of a book in my room... no decoration, no sunlight... but I just wanted to share the photos of the books:)
  • What or who inspires you?
Oh, there are so many accounts... I love to look around on many other bookstagram accounts and I think that almost every account inspired me a little bit!
  • Which is the reason you have been part of this community?
At the beginning, I didn't knew there is such a huge (or even) a community, but after a few weeks I discovered it and I still love being part of a community which is full of so many lovely booklovers & readers!
  • Do you want to be a "big" account or "small" and why? Does the followers count to you?
I think in some ways, followed count does matter for me, because I kind of enjoy it having an active account and communicate with so many other bookstagrammers... I think I wouldn't be unhappy with less followers it's just good the way it is!
  • Do you interact with your followers and have you made friends? If so do you like this and why?
I love interacting with my followers and through this I found some (even very close) friends and I think it is really cool to get in touch with people who have the same passion as you have!
  • Why do you love books? What do they mean to you?
I can't really name a specific reason why I love books... I read since I am able to do it and I think reading is like calming down after a stressful day, hiding from the reality and forget everything else for a moment!
  • Which is your favorite book and why?
My favourite book is 'Was fehlt, wenn ich verschwunden bin'by Lilly Lindner. I think there is only the German Version but this book has a really special meaning for me, and I cry everytime I read it.
  • Tell me two bookish fun facts about you!
1. I can get very angry when someone is touching the books in my shelves or even move them😱😂 2. I have more than 90 unread books and I think I will never get this number down.

  • Which is you favorite photo of your feed? (Upload it)

  • Tell me your biggest dream of being a part of bookstagram? Which the most exciting thing you wanna do/be?
My biggest dream is just that everything stays as it is! I love the interaction, the comments, repoing for some companies, being in touch with some authors...
  • Do you spend more money for your bookstagram or not? Do you think it worths?
Yes! I definitely do. I mean, the candles, the sub boxes, the bookmarks... I wouldn't even know them without bookstagram, bit I think they are definitely worth it!
  • Have you ever thought of giving up and why?
Yes, I have... more than once! I'm sometimes not confident with my feed, myself, my whole account. But then I look what I have and for how long I have it know and then I decide to not give up and it was everyone worth it to go I'm!
  • Have you received negative comments/messages about you or your feed and how do you act?
No, I think I never got any negative/hate comments!
  • Lastly, what would you advice someone who starts bookstagram?
Be yourself! Be happy, do what YOU like, don't try to imitate anyone and create your own style. Everything else will come with it!

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