Meet the Bookstagrammer:@demmi_writist

  • How did you start bookstagram? It was the reason you made your account or not?

When I first joined Instagram I had no idea bookstagram even exited. I just wanted to make an account so I could post photos of random every day stuff and experiences. But when I discovered the bookstagram community I knew I had to be a part of it so I started posting bookish photos instead!
  • How did you come up with your bookstagram name?

I've always loved to write, have been doing it since I was a child, but it felt weird to call my self a writer at first because I only did it for fun and wasn't serious about it. I found the word "writist" in an article I read about writing and I figured it would be fitting to use it instead of "writer". And it was the first thing that came to mind when I was looking for an Instagram name!
  • How did you cοme up with your first theme?It was a spesific theme or just photos and why?

When I first turned my account into a bookstagram I pretty much had no idea what I was doing so I simply posted photos of books in random places! I started my first official theme a few months after that and the reason I chose it was because I wanted to add some constinsency to my account and I figured taking all my photos on the wooden floor would help with that. But it wasn't a well thought decision it was just the easiest way I could think of to have a theme at the moment.
  • What or who inspires you? 

    There are so many amazing bookstagrammers in this community that inspire me with their photos every day! While I try to be as original aa possible, it's always nice to see how hard some people work to take beautiful photos and it has always motivated me to do the same! Some of my biggest inspirations right now are @myfriendsarefiction, @lifeinlit, @madamescozycorner, @novelheartbeat, @berrybookpages and @bookishbronte! They're all truly amazing and I've always admired their feeds! And of course the books I read inspire me all the time!                  
  • Which is the reason you have been part of this community?

The main reason I decided to join bookstagram and have loved every second of being a part of it ever since, is because it gave me the opportunity to share my passion for books with so many other people! It's simply amazing to be able to talk about something you love with other people who love it the same!
  • Do you want to be a "big" account or "small" and why? Does the followers count to you?

To me the most important part of bookstagram is making friends and sharing our love for books! It doesn't matter whether an account is "big" or "small, what matters is that we're all here because of our common love for reading! That being said it's always nice to know your hard work is recognized and while I don't believe follower count is nearly as important, I do believe we'd all like to see our accounts grow at some point or another.
  • Do you interact with your followers and have you made friends? If so do you like this and why?

I've met so many amazing people here and I'm so glad I can call many of them my friends! Like I've already said, that's the reason I joined bookstagram in the first place and that's why I try to interact with my followers as much as possible and love meeting new people!

  • Why do you love books? What do they mean to you?

One of the main reasons I love reading is because it gives me the opportunity to lose myself in so many unique and amazing worlds! Books are everything to me and I don't think I could survive without them!
  • Which is your favorite book and why?

Ah the question that it's always super hard to answer. There are countless books I love but as always I'll have to go with Harry Potter! These books were my entire childhood, they were the books that really got me into reading, and for that they will always have a special place in my heart!
  • Tell me two bookish fun facts about you!

1. When I was younger I used to dog ear pages intead of using bookmarks and I have no idea who I did that or why because right now I like to keep my books in pristine condition! 2. Contrary to popular belief, Harry Potter was NOT the first fantasy series I ever read! That was The Chronicles of Narnia instead, and I still love it to this day!
  • Which is you favorite photo of your feed? (Upload it)

  • Tell me your biggest dream of being a part of bookstagram? Which the most exciting thing you wanna do/be?

I've had way too many amazing experiences so far (meeting people, joining book clubs and repping for businesses) so I don't think there's something more I dream of right now. I simply want this community to continue being amazing and I want to continue being a part of that amazeness! And I guess I wouldn't mind a chronological algorith either!
  • Do you spend more money for your bookstagram or not? Do you think it worths?

I definitely do! Aside from buying the occasional props, there are so many books I would have never thought of getting if it weren't for bookstagram! Bookstagram always introduced me to bookish merch and is the reason I'm currently obsessed with candles and bookmarks so bye bye money! And let's not even start talking about book boxes!
  • Have you ever thought of giving up and why?

Sadly Instagram has changed a lot since I first joined and many of these changes are not for the best. But despite its flaws it's given me some amazing experiences so no, I haven't thought of giving up. I love this community too much to do so and I will keep being a part of it as long as it exists!
  • Have you received negative comments/messages about you or your feed and how do you act?

No, I don't think I've gotten any but if I did I would definitely try not to let them get to me!
  • Lastly, what would you advice someone who starts bookstagram?

No matter what you do, what theme you decide to have, what books you choose to feature, the most important thing is to have fun and be who you wanna be! The moment bookstagramming becomes a chore, there's no point in doing it anymore. Do what you like, be yourselves and the rest will come in time!

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