Meet the Boostagrammer: @parisian_bookshelf

The second bookstagrammer is a Greek romantic girl who loves red! 

  • How did you start bookstagram? It was the reason you made your account or not?

·         I actually started by having a blog and then I found out about the amazing community of bookstagram and I decided to make an account specifically for my books!!
  • How did you come up with your bookstagram name?

  I don't really remember because I didn't think about it too much!! Sometimes I think it doesn't make much sense but I kind of feel emotionally attached to it!!

  • How did you cοme up with your first theme?It was a spesific theme or just photos and why?

     It was unintentional because when I started I didn't even know I had to have a theme! I used to take pics on our coffee table so it kind of became a theme!!!

What or who inspires you?
  •  Mostly other bookstagrammers and the books I read inspire me!!

  • Which is the reason you have been part of this community?
The books, of course!! I love talking about my favorite books, hear different opinions and find out about new books!
  • Do you want to be a "big" account or "small" and why? Does the followers count to you?
I would love to share my passion with as many as possible but the most important is to be able to interact with other booklovers!!!
  • Do you interact with your followers and have you made friends? If so do you like this and why?

Yeah I love interacting with my fellow bookstagrammers and I have made some friends!!! I love exchanging opinions on books and taking about favorite ones!!
  • Why do you love books? What do they mean to you?

My favorite genre is fantasy and I think I love the way these books take you to a completely different world!!! For me books help me escape reality!!!
  • Which is your favorite book and why?

One of my favorite book series is the Throne of Glass!!! I love that it is fast paced and it keeps you on your toes!!! It also features some badass female characters!!!
  • Tell me two bookish fun facts about you!

  1. I use all sort of weird things as bookmarks...the most common one is usually my phone! I can't think of a second one...sorry!!😅
  • Which is you favorite photo of your feed? (Upload it)

  • Tell me your biggest dream of being a part of bookstagram? Which the most exciting thing you wanna do/be?

  I would love to make more creative photos...maybe with me in them...right now I don't have much time but it is something I would love to do in the future!!!
  • Do you spend more money for your bookstagram or not? Do you think it worths?

   I don't really spend too much money...just my books which are books I definitely want to read and bookmarks!! I am thinking about candles still I don't spend too much!!
  • Have you ever thought of giving up and why?

      No not really sometimes I don't have much inspiration for photos but I haven't really thought about giving up!
  • Have you received negative comments/messages about you or your feed and how do you act?

    I haven't received any negative comments, thankfully! Everyone is really nice!!!
  • Lastly, what would you advice someone who starts bookstagram?

    To have fun and stick to what they really like reading! Sometimes you see a book so many times on bookstagram but make sure you really want to read and it's not only because you see it all the time before buying it!

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