Meet the Bookstagrammer:@elizabeth_sagan

  • How did you start bookstagram? It was the reason you made your account or not?

I used to have a personal blog, where I was posting reviews and personal thoughts, but then a massive reading slump hit me (plus a personal crisis when I stopped reading what I loved to read and tried to read what my father told me I should read). I recovered from it a few years later with my best friend's help and when I discovered Insta/Bookstagram I thought it was a good place for a new start.
  • How did you come up with your bookstagram name?

It's my name :))
  • How did you cοme up with your first theme?It was a spesific theme or just photos and why?

In the beginning my feed was very random and all over the place (I didn't really know how to take worthy pics and most of them were close-ups, basically just the cover of the book). But practice makes perfect. Now I'm taking all the pics at my friend's house because where I'm living the lighting isn't good and no one can help me with the photoshoot anyway.
  • What or who inspires you? 

        I'm trying to have my own style. I must say that bookstagrammers who are using their face/body in the pics are inspiring me because it's what I'm also doing :))           
  • Which is the reason you have been part of this community?

I love reading and it's a good place to find out about new books.
  • Do you want to be a "big" account or "small" and why? Does the followers count to you?

Hmm, is it wrong if I say I want to be a "big" account? :)) In the end, I want to work in this industry and it might help me :-?? Plus, it's no fun if you're posting pics and you feel like no one sees them.
  • Do you interact with your followers and have you made friends? If so do you like this and why?

Oh, yes! I respond to every comment and DM because I think it's respectful. I've made some friends and I found people whom I really admire and I always check their stories and posts because I'm genuinely interested in their life.
  • Why do you love books? What do they mean to you?

I used to say that the real world is plain and boring and this is why I'm reading, but I don't think this is the reason anymore. It might sound stupid, but I think the perfect answer is "because I do". I love books because at some point in my life it just clicked. I wasn't a reader and then BAM! I started being one.
  • Which is your favorite book and why?

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I love King's style, the fact that almost all his books are connected to each other and everything comes back to The Tower.
  • Tell me two bookish fun facts about you!

I used to eat my bookmarks, bit by bit... There are 236 books on my tbr list.
  • Which is you favorite photo of your feed? (Upload it)

  • Tell me your biggest dream of being a part of bookstagram? Which the most exciting thing you wanna do/be?

My biggest dream is to be able to afford myself by working in this industry, by writing and reading, and to turn my passion into my career.
  • Do you spend more money for your bookstagram or not? Do you think it worths?

I only spent money when I organized some giveaways and when I bought some props for the pics, but not too much.
  • Have you ever thought of giving up and why?

Not really, there's no reason to.
  • Have you received negative comments/messages about you or your feed and how do you act?

No, it didn't happen.
  • Lastly, what would you advice someone who starts bookstagram?

Don't stress over it. If you're doing it for fun, keep it fun.

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